fundraiser for the glory future model school dhaka

the art project "bengali bazaar" aims to raise funds for the glory future model school and college. this is done through the sale of fine art prints. the school gives children from the slums of dhaka the opportunity to learn and to get educated. without this school children wouldn't have this opportunity as schools are chargeable in the developing country, most families cannot invest this money for their children. many of these children have to work from the age of five in order to support their families financially.
the glory future model school differs greatly from other schools as it is free of charge. it is financed only by donations. the children get educated and a warm meal every day where they can eat as much as possible. the maintenance of one child costs about 12$ per month. at this school are currently about 300 children, they lean to read, to write and to calculate, this amounts a sum of 3310€/month for the whole school. 
by buying a print you support the children,  as the selling price of the art print minus the printing costs ends up directly at the school. 
we offer large and small fine art prints so you can decide how much you want to donate... as follows: 

size:                         50cm x 67,5cm                 21,5cm x 29cm
price:                       150€                                    50€
printing costs:      30€                                     10€
donation:               120€                                   40€
limited to:              25 pieces                            100 pieces